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We are founded, registered, and located in the center of Canada in the province of Manitoba. We have access to one of the cheapest renewable power sources on the planet through Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba Hydro currently produces so much renewable hydroelectric energy that Manitoba Hydro is currently an energy exporter to the United States of America. Energy is currently one of Manitoba's largest exports. NFT MineShare is in one of the best locations worldwide to ethically source power to support Proof of Work networks. All future construction projects will integrate solar energy. Keep in mind, even traditional banking and internet usage consume energy.

The incredible costs of mining hardware is hitting all-time highs of up to $80,000 per machine. Our current facility and electrical capacity can immediately accommodate $500,000 - $1,000,000 of additional mining hardware. Additionally, we have pre-arranged short-term rental facilities if needed to host extra hardware. We also have construction plans for a large mining warehouse beginning in 2022.


With NFT technology every purchaser of an NFT from NFT MineShare is entitled to crypto mining rewards. We manage all the headaches like the expenses, the hardware purchases, the electrical, the heat management solutions, the warehousing, the tech, the programming, and we also monitor the crypto miners. You simply hold an NFT from NFT MineShare and we pay half the rewards from mining crypto with an airdrop to your wallet. Please read our WhitePaper for further details on rewards distributions.

We are committed to full disclosure and compliance with all Canadian laws, including tax laws. Due to local requirements, we are required to collect Know Your Client (KYC) on any rewards payment that exceeds $10,000 to a single wallet address within a 24-hour period. If you feel your quarterly rewards payment may reach $10,000 in a single quarter please contact us using our website and we will coordinate KYC to issue payment.

Although we are currently a small team, we have local connections through many industries to quickly build out any facilities and infrastructure needed to accommodate the demand for our projects. In combination with NFT technology, we are committed to becoming the largest crypto mining company in Canada. With half of all mining rewards given back to NFT holders, do you want a piece?

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Mike Wiebe
Chief Executive Officer

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Breanna Wiebe
Director of Artistic Operations
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Viktoriia Zakharchenko
Mining Moles Artist


Daniel Silva
Web Developer


Please contact us using the ticket system in our discord should you need further assistance.

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